Downloading Videos and Issues

A script to download recordings from YouTube is provided in the Github repository as we cannot host the videos due to copyright issues. We encourage you to send an email to
to request already-processed videos for research purposes. If you have any other issue related to the code nor the data have a look at the Github Repository.

Request CodePixel formatFile formatSizeFPS
Audio rateCommentsAvailableGb
44 kHzCropped using minmax position of skeletonsYes
rawunknownmp4,mkv,webmoriginalvariable44 kHzYouTube resampled audio rateThrough downloading code
raw_25unknownmp4,mkv,webmoriginal25.044 kHzYes34
audiowav44 kHzOriginal sampling rate. Mono.Yes17
audio_16wav16000 HzMono.Yes6

YouTube IDs

Embedded file with and IDs: GitHub Gist